Invitation to training: "Design a safe future with us - surge protection in low-voltage installations"


We invite you to training "Design a safe future with us - surge protection in low-voltage installations", which will take place October 19 at 10:00. We will present the main goals of surge protection and the possibilities resulting from the use of innovative Ewimar products dedicated to, among others: LAN / IP-CCTV 100/1000 Mb networks, Analog HD systems and industrial automation.



  1. A short presentation of the company.
  2. Main goals of surge protection and arguments for the use of protectors.
  3. Basic parameters that determine the selection of arresters in individual low-voltage installations.
  4. Differences between the effectiveness and purpose of individual product groups dedicated to ICT systems.
  5. Surge protection products dedicated to intrusion detection systems.
  6. Protections of the ECO, PRO and EXT series - effective solutions for every installation.
  7. Products dedicated to Gigabit Ethernet networks and LAN / IP-CCTV infrastructure.
  8. Presentation of the most important products from the Analog HD AHD / CVI / TVI protection offer and devices for RS-485.
  9. Contest with prizes.


Webinar 19/10/2021 at 10:00 (registration open):