Intrusion Detection Systems - flexible solutions for any installation!


The installation of perimeter security for a building is crucial in securing a facility against unauthorized access. Therefore, we present a group of products for alarm systems that protect against the effects of surges and system sabotage attempts. The #Ewimar offer includes solutions based on single-channel APS-1Zo/1P protectors for alarm sensors (APS-1Zo/1P)  

and multi-channel solutions for alarm control panels:

Protection of communication buses => APS-2B/1S

Internal lines protection => APS-8Zi/1P

Protection of external lines => APS-4Zo/4P

The offer also includes an AZS-8P - very functional power supply separator for detectors AZS-8P, which disconnects within 1μs of the circuit on which the short-circuit occurred, without causing a load on the control panel power supply. Such efficiency is achieved thanks to the use of super-fast MOSFET fuses with a current carrying capacity of 100mA.

We have created a metal housing for the above products to facilitate their installation APS-BOX-4.


If you would like to know more about our products, please contact the Sales Department. We will be happy to answer any questions. :)