Ewimar on air: The third in the series of Ewimar presentations on Youtube


We invite you to the next presentation in the series - Ewimar on air. It’s a series of presentations addressed to: installers, designers, integrators and distributors of teletechnical systems. During the first and second presentation, the following topics were discussed extensively: Overvoltage protection objectives, arguments in favor of using surge protectors, parameters influencing the correct selection of protectors in LAN or also the issue of a professional cost estimate (as a guarantee of good investor relations).

We invite you to the third presentation in this series, which was devoted to the following


  • Ewimar products presentation (main product groups and features).
  • Parameters influencing the proper selection of protectors in LAN.
  • Analog HD, AHD / CVI / TVI protections.
  • Protections of the ECO, PRO and EXT series - effective solutions for every installation.
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN / IP-CCTV / PoE security.
  • NEW - Protection of alarm control panels.

The series of presentations will deepen your knowledge about the causes of damage to modern electronics as a result of overvoltages, and also shows how to counteract them. We encourage you to subscribe to the channel - more materials coming soon!

Youtube Channel:  https://youtu.be/E0NkXIhCVC8