Atmospheric discharges in the summer season


The peak of the storm season in Poland falls on the holiday season. Climate change is bringing with it violent storms, heavy rainfalls, hailstorms and even tornadoes. It is in summer that there are weeks with strong lightning strikes, the effects of which can be dangerous. Let's not be indifferent to this threat, it is worth thinking about the proper protection of electronics in advance.

In today's post you can see the lightning discharges registered by the Ewimar specialist: Meteorologists are sounding the alarm that stormy seasons in Poland will be longer and more destructive. Thus, the importance of more effective surge protection systems is growing. It is worth considering what we can do to protect the equipment from burning or damage. This situation can become very troublesome, because many times there are circumstances when no warranty covers this type of repair.

So what to do to effectively protect the electronics? It is worth investing in professional surge protection products, such as surge arresters. The available solutions are presented in our knowledge base to which we cordially invite you: How to properly protect electronics?