A change in the Ewimar product range

Dear Customers!

Using the experience in the construction of protective systems for the Gigabit Ethernet network, we have built the new 100Mbit / IP-CCTV LAN security devices from scratch.

Using modern simulation systems, very detailed durability calculations, thick tuned printed circuits and eliminating harmful elements from the circuits, we obtained products of very high quality. They have very small crosstalks, increased impact durability and resistance to long current pulses of high value.

Solutions have also been introduced that make it easier to connect LAN cables and replace / service protective modules. The completely new Rack housings are grounded using a collective cable and the ground connection to the modules using mounting screws - without the need for soldering or connecting additional wires, in addition all new PTU modules are additionally equipped with clamps for the cable shield.

The range of new products is functionally compatible with previous devices and has the same range of diversity. The following is a list of discontinued products and their current replacements:

PTF-1-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTF-51-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTF-1-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE/DIN - changed to PTF-51-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE/DIN

PTF-4-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTF-54-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTU-4-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTU-54-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTF-8-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTF-58-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTU-8-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTU-58-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTF-16-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTF-516-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

PTU-16-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE - changed to PTU-516-(ECO, PRO, EXT)/PoE

New modules due to larger sockets, can not be used in existing housings (PTU/PTF-RACK) and only the housing (also cover) of the new series should be used: PTU/PTF-5-RACK.

New modules can be fitted with retractable modules, but remember that old modules do not have earthing with mounting screws - use the soldered wire.