19th SPIN online - meetings with designers, autumn edition for designers from all over Poland on October 20!


The purpose of the cyclically organized meetings as part of SPIN is to co-create a friendly environment for constructive discussions, substantive exchange of insights on the challenges and opportunities emerging in the low-voltage installation industry and the directions of market development.

As part of the lecture, Mirosław Gondek (Ewimar) - designer of electronic devices, developer and programmer of microprocessor devices, will discuss the phenomenon of overvoltage and its risks under the topic: SURGE ARRESTERS - why should they be used in teletechnical projects? (October 20, 10:50 am - 11:25 am). We invite you to take part in this event today. Registration: https://spinonline.lockus.pl/rejestracja/.

After the lectures, there will be a Q&A section with questions to the Speakers, during which you will be able to get answers to questions bothering participants. After the lectures, we invite you to the virtual stand prepared by Ewimar, where you will be able to see the product offer and download materials related to the offer.

It will also be possible to videoconsult with representatives of companies who will help clear up any doubts regarding the selection of solutions, in accordance with the client's expectations. During the on-line meeting, there will be contests with attractive prizes! We recommend active listening to the presentation and vigilance in order to be able to indicate the correct answer to the question at the right moment and win the prize.