MUSB-1/1/So v3.2

Addressable USB mouse extension with optical isolation
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MUSB-1/1/So is device designed by Ewimar company, allowing to control DVR and computers up to distance of 1200 m, using USB mouse. Specially constructed algorithm used to controlling all mouse function and sends them by one pair of twisted pair. Control by USB is done in real-time and doesn't have noticeable delay between moving the mouse and cursor response.
Existing Video registering systems have graphic users interface, which is easier to using it by USB mouse, but it’s big problem when distance between operator place and registration device is far. Through use standard RS-485 interface, control by mouse may be sent by fiber optic converters or wireless systems of AV-LiNK telemetry.

Set consist of transmitter to which is connected USB mouse and receiver equipped with USB-B output. Device is perfect to solve problems with controlling DVRs over large distances with keeping all nuances which are important for users.

This version has included addressable receiver with optical separation, so it can be easily to extended with additional addressable receivers or 4 channels receivers with switch or separation. After maximum system extension it allows to controlling 8 devices or computers using one USB mouse.

Optical separation protect set before effects of potential differences, surges and industrial interference, their operation is very stable in all conditions

Choice of respective device to control, is done only with the mouse wheel. Details was described in instructions.

Technical specification:

Parameter Value
Support of USB standard 1.0,1.2, 2.0
USB input connector A
USB output connector B
Supporting of addresses 1~8
Power supply transmitter: 12V,
receiver: USB connector
Transfer speed 9600 baud
Maximum distance control 1200m
Surge protection 600W
Optical separation 1.5kV
Housing freestanding, bolted
Size 87 x 28 x51 (mm)
Work temperature -15°C ~ 40°C