4-channel surge protector module for LAN / Ethernet, PTF-54-EXT/PoE
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The PTF-54-EXT series modules have the highest protective efficiency with MOSFET technology. They have been designed for surge protection of LAN devices, installed outdoors, on metal constructions or on poles and in an industrial environment where, in addition to typical overvoltages, there are also high potential differences between local earthing points.

The applied MOSFET fuses disconnect the protected side from the unprotected side in a very short time, causing the maximum amount of surge current to be discharged to the ground, so that the voltage received by the protected devices is several times smaller than in the case of conventional solutions. In addition, any ground loop impulses generated between connected LAN devices are eliminated at the moment of discharges and switching on of aggregates, UPSs or heavy industry machines.

EXT series have increased strength for large surge currents. Direct discharge of large currents without intermediate elements (looping through LAN transformers or coupling by diode bridges) and other solutions reducing their price. They provide a total protection at the level of 14kA for the FTP cable.

EXT series modules have improved transmission and strength parameters for long-term currents. Tuned differential pairs and better quality RJ-45 sockets provide less crosstalk and suppression of transmission lines, and new solutions and components provide correct operation and protection of PoE up to 60W (HiPoE).

On the basis of PTF-54-EXT / PoE modules, you can build 10Mbit or 100Mbit LAN surge protection systems, they are used to protect computers, switches, PLCs, CCTV systems and other devices installed on earthed metal structures.

Additional equipment is circuits that protect devices powered by passive or active PoE lines, where damage can arise as a result of induced surge currents during atmospheric discharge, but also as a result of damage to the PoE power supply. The PTF-54 series modules cooperate with PoE power supply in many IEEE standards, including: 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt - type 3 (HiPoE, UPOE). MOSFET technology is not used in PoE circuits, if it is also necessary, use the PTF-64 system - dedicated to Gigabit Ethernet.

The surge protection module is compatible with 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Ethernet networks and can be used with UTP or FTP cabling of 5, 5e and 6th category - thanks to the use of shielded sockets ensures full continuation of the cable shield. Due to the use only for PoE power supply, pairs 4,5 and 7,8 have been grouped - the module shouldn't be an element taking part in the measurement of cabling parameters.

The module is designed for mounting in PTF-5-BOX plastic enclosures (1 pc) and PTU/PTF-5-RACK panels (up to 4 pcs), creating complete multi-channel protection systems. By applying modules of different models in one panel, we obtain systems with various purposes and a protective level.

The PTF-54 module is earthed using the mounting bolts of the rack housing, therefore the possible expansion or replacement of the module is very easy and requires no additional steps. The connection of the entire device to the earth is made with the aid of an attached cable, fastened to a common earthing point.

Protected side and unprotected side are equipped with RJ-45 sockets, therefore modules can be combined with other patch panels that terminate LAN cables. However, standard patch panels with LSA connectors (Krone) should not be used, as the strength of their printed circuits for high surge currents is very low and at the moment of the surge discharge is a risk that they will be damaged. As endings of the LAN line, only patch panels with Keystone type connectors should be used.



Patch panel Rack

The method of assembling the modules in a dedicated Rack housing


CCTV lightning protector

The assembly of the module in a plastic housing



Data line
Number of LAN channels 4
Supported Ethernet standards 10Base-T, 100Base-T
Input connector (LINE) Shielded RJ-45 jack
Output connector (DEVICE) Shielded RJ-45 jack
Compatibility with cabling UTP / FTP categories 5, 5e i 6
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-ground ) Iimp 2kA per cable conductor (14kA total for each channel)
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 3,3V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 3,5V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 8V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-line) Iimp 2kA with MOSFET reaction
Protected lines 1-2, 3-6
Capacitnance (line-line) @1MHz 6-15pF
Capacitnance (line-ground) @1MHz 1-2pF
Serial resistance 6Ω / line
Rated Current IN 300mA / line
Protection stages
Decoupling Super fast MOSFET fuse
PoE line
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 58V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 64V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 93V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-line) Iimp 100A
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-ground ) Iimp 2kA
Protected pairs (1+2)-(3+6), (4+5)-(7+8)
Supported PoE standards Compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt-type 3 (HiPoE, UPOE)
PoE loss power on protection circuit

IEEE 802.3af, option A: 0,6W @48VDC
IEEE 802.3af, option B: 0,35W @48VDC

IEEE 802.3at, option A: 1,6W @54VDC
IEEE 802.3at option B: 0,6W @54VDC

IEEE 802.3bt, Typ 3, option AB: 1,2W @54VDC

*) parameters for maximum load

Common features
Dimensions 100 x 80 x 18 (mm)
Application Protection devices installed on metal constructions and industrial environment
Mounting Plastic enclosure or Rack panel
Tightness of the housing Not applicable
Operating temperature -30ºC~60ºC

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