16-channel IP surge protector, PRO series, with InPoE function
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PTF-16R-PRO/InPoE is a 16-channel device dedicated to the Local Area Network , with high efficiency in eliminating overvoltage in LAN networks, containing 3 levels of protection.
Includes a connection system for UTP/FTP 5 category cable with RJ-45 continuity screen. It is a universal system, based on a 4-channel interchangeable modules that properly selected can create the most optimal device for the requirements of each installation.

InPoe Version additionally has a standard socket DC voltage for supplying power to the camera, using standard Power over Ethernet. This eliminates the need using expensive switches with PoE.

It is dedicated to protect the LAN against overvoltage, emerging as a result of lightning and electrostatic discharge and also against acts of sabotage. PRO Series is recommended to defend LAN devices where the terminals are installed outdoor and are exposed to direct lightning.

In the described model there are installed 4 PTF-4R-PRO / InPoE modules and a place to mount the next two identical or other series modules.
Patch-panel housing has a special shape, designed for restraining LAN wire using band clip. Additional holes allow the use of double bands on each wire, which increases the mechanical strength of the connected cables.

The panel is provided for fixing in a 19" Rack, but contains holes for mounting on the wall. After installing the optional PTU-Cover it is additionally protected against mechanical damage and accumulation of dirt. The device protects the LAN network against power surges, arising as a result of lightning, electrostatic and vandalism

PTU-8R-PRO-Poe patchpanel zabezpieczenie kamer ip

The device effectively protects the structure of CCTV systems in which the devices are installed outdoors, however, in the case of equipment mounted on roofs or poles, it is recommended to use the panel Extreme Series.

The protection consists in neutralising emergency electrostatic pulses of low power, resulting in relation to the earth (protectors gas) and pulse induced between pairs of twisted wires UTP/FTP during a lightning. These impulses have a destructive effect on the Ethernet interface amplifiers, despite using galvanic insulation used on the hardware layer.

PTF-16R-PRO/InPoE is specially designed for powering CCTV. Pins 4.5 and 7.8 are used to power up, they are connected together to increase the current flowing through the protection system. Due to the limited power decoupling resistors, the maximum power to the equipment should not exceed 30W at 48V. Decoupling resistors protect the safety components from damage in the event of an overvoltage throught a long time and allow for gradation of security.

To achieve the full effectiveness of the device it is required to connect to ground (meeting the requirements of the current legislation) or PE wire electrical system. It is not recommended to connect equipment-grounding conductor to the lightning protection system of the building. The device should not be used to install Category 6.

ethernet surge protector PTU-16R-eco-poe
block diagram


Number of channels 16
Category 100Base-T(100Mbit) network,
using 5/5e/6 category twisted-pair
Levels of protection 3 (gas tube, transcient bridge)
Capacity line to line 6-8pF @ 0V, 1Mhz
Capacity line to ground < 1pF
Protection level line to line 6V-1kV, 20V @ 100A , 8/20uS
Protection level line to ground 90V-4kV, 2~4kA, 8/20uS Vc
Maximum Uc voltage 6,8V
Maximum power 8 / 20us (line to line) 2kW
Maximum voltage line to ground 90VDC
Number of channels 16
Levels of protection 2 (gas tube, transcient bridge)
Protection level line to line for PoE 10/1000uS 600W / 100A, 10/1000uS
Maximum Uc voltage PoE 58V
Protection level line to ground 90V-4kV, 2~4kA, 8/20uS
Maximum voltage line to ground 90VDC
PoE work standard
Complies with IEEE 802.3af of type B
Input connector (line) RJ-45
Output connector RJ-45
Output ground yes
Fixing Rack 19" 1U, wall
Additional options Replacable modules of different types, top cover
Dimensions 480 x 41 x 130 (mm)
Operating temperature -30~+60°C

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